The activities in this kit are designed to build good observation skills, develop systems to collect, organize, display and explain data, and furnish a strong basis for future learning.

A garden of activities

The Florida Wildflower Foundations’ Wild About Wildflowers! activity guide encourages Florida’s third- and fourth-grade students* to learn about native wildflowers and their place in the environment through fun, engaging activities.

This rich, versatile resource will help students achieve a variety of Florida educational standards in math, science and language. When presented from start to finish, the guide gives students a comprehensive introduction to wildflowers, as well as to flowers in general.

Through the lessons, students discover how plants reproduce, adapt to their environments, and interact with insects, animals and other plants. Activities include hands-on outdoor exploration, interactive modeling games, writing, arts and crafts, and research opportunities. Each section contains a glossary and vocabulary puzzle, as well as a resources page with books and websites that expand and enhance activities. Web quests are included to encourage students to use technology to expand their knowledge.

*While activities have been designed to meet specific third- and fourth-grade standards, many can be adapted to other grade levels. All activities are suitable for informal settings.

To access a PDF of the full activity guide as well as ancillary PowerPoint files, please fill out this brief request form.

Teachers also may apply for wildflower garden grants that serve as outdoor classrooms when used with the activities. Visit to learn more about our Seedlings for Schools grant program.

The guide was produced with donations made through
Florida State Wildflower license plate sales and from the Wildflower Foundation Inc.
The printed activity guide was funded by a grant from Duke Energy.
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