New look for the State Wildflower plate!

The State Wildflower license plate received a facelift in October 2018. It’s still the same plate, working hard for native, natural Florida! Since its launch in 2000, it’s has raised more than $4.2 million for Florida’s native wildflowers, wildlife and wild places.

The plate provides the only consistent source of funding for Florida’s native plants and wildflowers. It has:

  • Established more than 400 school wildflower gardens that let children experience and learn about nature.
  • Planted and protected hundreds of acres of wildflower pollinator pathways on roadsides.
  • Increased environmental awareness in more than 2 million people throughout Florida.

Every day, the State Wildflower plate touches thousands of residents and visitors through environmental education on social media and the Florida Wildflower Foundation website. It funds university students performing valuable research, makes possible grants for public places, and much, much more.

Help protect and preserve native, natural Florida — get your State Wildflower license plate today!

The redesign of the State Wildflower license plate went on sale in October 2018.

The State Wildflower license plate’s original design is no longer available. Launched in 2000, the plate has raised more than $4.2 million for Florida’s wildflowers.

Two ways to purchase your plate

Over the phone – Purchase your plate with one quick phone call.

Quick facts

  • When you purchase and renew the State Wildflower plate, an annual $15 specialty plate fee is collected and given to the Florida Wildflower Foundation to fund work for wildflowers and wildlife throughout the state. To view the total cost of switching to the State Wildflower plate, click “What does the State Wildflower plate cost” in the Q&A menu (right).
  • Plate owners are Florida Wildflower Foundation members and receive member benefits. Register your membership here.
  • Don’t wait — you can purchase a State Wildflower plate even if your present registration hasn’t expired.
  • The plate features a composite of Florida’s state wildflower, the Coreopsis. There are 17 species found in Florida, 14 of which are native.

State Wildflower Tag Q & A

Why the new look?

The original State Wildflower license plate design was 19 years old in 2018. The fresh new look draws attention to the vital link between pollinators and wildflowers.

The new design depicts two species of Coreopsis, Florida’s state wildflower, with a butterfly. The yellow flower is Coreopsis leavenworthii, (Leavenworth’s tickseed). The pink one is Coreopsis nudata (Georgia tickseed). Both are Florida native wildflowers. The design was created by Caley Curchy of Lake Wales, Fla.

I have the old State Wildflower design. How can I switch to the new look?

License plates have a life expectancy of about 10 years. When your plate reaches that mark, your county tax collector’s office will automatically send you a new State Wildflower plate, which will have the new design. For example, if your State Wildflower license plate was issued to you four years ago, you can expect to get a plate with the new design in six years.

If you’d like to switch to the new look before then, fill out this form to receive a phone call from the Indian River Tax Collector’s office, which will process your request no matter where in Florida you live. Or visit your local tax collectors’ office.

I have a typical State of Florida plate. How can I switch to the new State Wildflower plate?

Simply fill out this form to receive a phone call from the Indian River Tax Collector’s office, which will process your request. Or visit your local tax collectors’ office.

What does the State Wildflower plate cost?

  • If you have the current State Wildflower license plate and would like to switch to the new design, the one-time fee is $40.15 by mail.*
  • If you have a valid Florida license plate and would like to replace it with a State Wildflower plate, and it is more than 3 months until your birthday, the one-time cost is $60.15 by mail.*
  • If your plate is eligible for renewal and you would like to switch to the State Wildflower plate, you will pay your renewal fee plus a one-time fee of $51.75 by mail.*

These three options include a $15 specialty tag fee received by the Florida Wildflower Foundation to fund work for wildflowers.

Each annual renew of the plate will include your registration renewal fee and a $15 specialty tag fee received by the Florida Wildflower Foundation.


* Mail fees are $3.75 and are not applicable should you visit a tax collector’s office.

Can I request the State Wildflower license plate when I am buying a new car?

Definitely! Ask your dealer to order the State Wildflower plate for your car. You’ll be given a temporary tag to display until you receive your new plate by mail.

What does the Foundation do with my donation?

The Foundation uses the donation to fund native Florida wildflower research, education and planting/conservation projects. Your donation also includes a Florida Wildflower Foundation membership.

What if I want my State Wildflower license tag now but my present tag hasn't expired?

You can purchase a State Wildflower tag at any time. Simply fill out our form to purchase your plate by phone, or visit your county tax collector’s office. However, you will pay an additional fee to switch plates.

Can I purchase the license plate as a gift for someone else?

Yes! You have two options.

  1. To order a plate for your recipient, fill out our online form to receive a call from the Indian River Tax Collectors office, which will handle the sale. You’ll need a copy of your recipient’s present auto registration.
  2. Visit your local county tag agency and request to purchase a State Wildflower gift certificate to give to your recipient.

Click to learn more about the gift certificate program.

I went to my tag office, but I did not see the State Wildflower tag on the wall or in the license plate samples book.

Florida has more than 120 specialty license plates, so it can be difficult to find the State Wildflower tag among them. Just tell the clerk you want flower power – the State Wildflower license tag!

I have a personalized “vanity” tag. Can I still get the State Wildflower license plate?

Yes. The State Wildflower tag’s center-logo design can accommodate up to seven letters and a space or hyphen. Learn more about personalized tags.

Projects supported by the State Wildflower plate

New State Wildflower license plate design

The State Wildflower license plate gets a makeover

The redesigned State Wildflower license plate, now available at county tax collector’s offices, sports a butterfly with two species of Coreopsis, Florida’s official wildflower. Having the fluttering insect as a key part of the new design helps raise awareness of beleaguered pollinators while illustrating the critical link between them and their vanishing wild habitats.

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Nov. 18 Field trip to UCF Arboretum — SOLD OUT

Join us on Nov. 18 as we visit the UCF Arboretum. Learn about its history as well as the challenges it faces as a natural area surrounded by development. Take a leisurely hike through the Arboretum’s several habitats in search of some of the endemic, endangered and threatened species that call the Arboretum home.

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Dune sunflower (Helianthus debilis) blooming at Bok Tower Gardens by Lisa Roberts

20 Easy Wildflowers Walk & Talk at Bok Tower Gardens

Learn how to succeed with larger scale native wildflower plantings. This event combines a guided instructional walk through Florida native plantings at Bok Tower Gardens with a classroom course reviewing the species used as well as planning and installation processes. Renowned upland restoration expert and native plant horticulturist Nancy Bissett of The Natives will lead the walk and provide the classroom instruction.

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Weedy roadside planting

Research tackles the issue of weed seeds in soil banks

The Florida Wildflower Foundation will begin a four-year project to evaluate economical and practical site preparation methods to minimize weed competition in wildflower sites planted from seeds, hoping to discover methods that lead to greater planting success.The project at Lake County’s Palatlakaha Environmental and Agricultural Reserve (PEAR) Park will be conducted in partnership with the county with cooperation from the Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute at Florida Polytechnic University.

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Seedlings for Schools garden

Wildflower gardens to flourish at 33 schools across Florida

The Florida Wildflower Foundation has awarded 2018 Seedlings for Schools grants to 33 schools in 18 counties across the state. Each grant includes wildflower plants, expert guidance from the Foundation, and curriculum resources, including the Foundation’s Wild About Wildflowers! Activity Guide. Teachers will receive plants in the fall and will be eligible to receive more plants in spring 2019 if their fall gardens are successful.

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