Help save wild Florida

The State Wildflower license plate supports habitat for butterflies and bees. Get the plate that gives back to native, natural Florida.

State Wildflower license plate

Roadsides matter

Hundreds of miles of roadside wildflowers have been protected, thanks to the State Wildflower plate. Get yours today with just a phone call.

State Wildflower license plate
people in pine forest observing plants

Change through education

The State Wildflower license plate supports programs that increase awareness of wild habitats. Get your plate today.

State Wildflower license plate
Bee approaching Sagittaria flower

Helping pollinators

Can your license plate feed butterflies and bees? This one can. Get your State Wildflower today - it's just a phone call away!

Photo by John Moran State Wildflower license plate

Get the State Wildflower license plate to support the natural world

Everyone loves a field of flowers… especially the bees and butterflies that depend on them. But our flowers are vanishing from our rapidly developing landscape, and just when wildlife needs them the most.

Show your support for our natural world by purchasing the State Wildflower specialty license plate! Since 2000, the plate has raised more than $4.2 million for roadside wildflowers, gardens in public parks and schools, educational materials and more.

State Wildflower license plate

Two ways to purchase your plate

Give the plate as a gift

Wildflowers are the heart of native Florida. Many of our most treasured and threatened wild creatures depend on them for survival. But wildflowers themselves are threatened.

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Florida Wildflower Foundation provides butterfly and bee habitat, educational programming for all ages, and research that advances the knowledge we need to better nurture our native habitat. We can’t do this work without the support of people like you.

Please give today. Our natural world depends on it.

See how your donation helps.


helps establish a school wildflower and wildlife garden.


provides educational materials for four community events.


plants wildflowers along 100 yards of a roadside.


sponsors a community wildflower planting.


boosts research that brings more native plants to market.

Create a legacy

Learn how you can make the impact of a lifetime through a bequest.

Options for Giving

One-time gift, you choose the amount.

Every tax-deductible gift brings wildflowers to roadsides, communities and school throughout La Florida, the “land of flowers.”

Monthly Giving: Pick the level that works for you.

A monthly gift often works best for many budgets. Choose an option from the list to be charged to your credit card each month.


Membership matters

Join today to save wild Florida

Our members have raised more than $4 million to spread flowers along roadsides, research their mysteries, and teach people how Florida’s first flowers sustain bees and butterflies. Join them today in supporting native wildflowers and the wildlife depending on them.

Join online or print an application to send via mail.

Have the State Wildflower license plate? You’re a member! See below for information on registering your membership.

Members receive:

  • Free e-newsletter
  • Action alerts
  • Discounts on FWF events and field trips

Do you have a State Wildflower license plate?
Your membership is free!

Membership is included with your purchase or renewal of the State Wildflower plate. Use our online form to register your membership, or print an application to mail.

Don’t have the State Wildflower plate yet? Order yours today, with just a phone call, then return here to register as a member when you receive it.

Wildflower Champions

Brightman and Nan Logan

A fifth-generation Floridian, Brightman Logan grew up roaming West Central Florida’s woods and wetlands. Now, much of the land he remembers – along with its creatures – is gone. He finds that troubling. “To me, there’s an urgency about preserving our habitats,” he says. “We’re losing so much of it so quickly.”

Through their longtime support of the Florida Wildflower Foundation, Brightman and his wife, Nan, are helping to reverse habitat loss and bring native wildflowers and plants to urban places.

Brightman and Nan Logan
Brightman and Nan Logan help protect and restore natural Florida through generous support for the Florida Wildflower Foundation.

“When I look at the Foundation’s accomplishments, I see the tremendous strides that have been made. We are leading the charge, making the public aware of Florida’s native plants and their roles in healthy habitat. The organization has done so much good for Florida.”
Brightman Logan

Meet our members

Weber_member profile

Member profile: Jeff Weber

Get to know Florida Wildflower Foundation member Jeff Weber. Jeff is dedicated to protecting and restoring Florida’s natural ecology in his career and in his free time. As an environmental specialist with Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources, Jeff manages natural areas of the county. As a member of Florida Wildflower Foundation, he regularly attends field trips and events to connect with others who share a passion for wild Florida. As a homeowner, Jeff does his part to plant as much native vegetation as he can!

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Gail Taylor

Member profile: Gail Taylor

Get to know Florida Wildflower Foundation member Gail Taylor. She is an active State Wildflower license tag member, a member of the Foundation’s Education Committee, and has volunteered at previous Florida Wildflower Symposiums.

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Peter and Kim Connolly

Member profile: Peter and Kim Connolly

Kim and Peter Connolly have been active members of the Florida Wildflower Foundation and have attended various Foundation field trips and events for the past three years.They are both Florida Master Naturalists, with Peter serving his third year on the board of the Space Coast Chapter. Their free time is spent documenting local flora and fauna for iNaturalist. To date, they have added 907 observations of unique species to the site.

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PM and Vijaya Reddy

Member profile: P.M. and Vijaya Reddy

Podduturu M. (P.M.) and Vijaya Reddy have been active members of the Florida Wildflower Foundation (FWF) since 2017. Frequently attending field trips and other events, P.M. additionally volunteered at our 2019 Florida Wildflower Symposium in Gainesville, photographing workshops and activities during the weekend. Vijaya and P.M. use FWF resources to talk to their local community of Palm Coast about the importance of native wildflowers.

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Wendy Poag

Member profile: Wendy Poag

Wendy Poag is a Lake County recreation coordinator, responsible for environmental education and the restoration and management of 2,000 acres of public lands. She has been involved with the Florida Wildflower Foundation since 2008. Over the years, she has helped forge a close working relationship between FWF and Lake County, which recently dedicated several acres at PEAR Park, Leesburg, for an FWF weed seed control research project. Wendy leads other Lake County employees and project volunteers in doing quarterly evaluations of the wildflower research plots. Research results are expected in 2022.

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Dr. Loran Anderson

Member profile: Dr. Loran Anderson

Dr. Loran Anderson is a professor emeritus in the department of biological science at Florida State University in Tallahassee. His research has focused on plant taxonomy and systematics in the Florida Panhandle and elsewhere. He is currently compiling a checklist of native plants in Panhandle counties that will include rare and endangered species. In 2016, he received the Foundation’s Coreopsis Award in recognition of contribution to Florida’s wildflowers.

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Karin and Walter Taylor walking in field of flowers

Member profile: Walter and Karin Taylor

You will find Walter and Karin Taylor at most Florida Wildflower Foundation and Florida Native Plant Society events, many times volunteering their time to speak to others or sit at information tables and promote wildflowers. They are longtime residents of Florida and experts on wildflowers, with Walter having authored numerous field guides that have become indispensable to Florida wildflower enthusiasts.

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Alan Franck

Member profile: Alan Franck

Dr. Alan Franck is curator of the University of South Florida Herbarium in Tampa, founded in 1958. It holds 285,000 specimens, and is the second largest collection in Florida. Alan has supported the Florida Wildflower Foundation through membership since 2011. To join Alan in supporting the Florida Wildflower Foundation as a member, click here. Tell…

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Taryn Evans

Member profile: Taryn Evans

Meet Taryn Evans of Weirsdale, Florida. Taryn is an enthusiastic member of the Florida Wildflower Foundation. She has shared her expertise on pollinators at previous Florida Wildflower Foundation symposia and with the Florida Native Plant Society’s Marion Big Scrub Chapter, where she serves as president. She and her husband, Terry, own Creative Garden Structures, which sells their handmade garden furniture, bird and pollinator nest boxes, and hand-painted rain barrels, as well as Florida native plants and wildflowers.

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Brightman and Nan Logan

Brightman and Nan Logan

Through their longtime support of the Florida Wildflower Foundation, Brightman and his wife, Nan, are helping to reverse habitat loss and bring native wildflowers and plants to urban places.

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Garden volunteers

Volunteer finds inspiration in native flowers

When Lisa Boing, Master Gardener, Florida Botanical Gardens board member and Florida Wildflower Foundation member, responded to questions about the completion of a demonstration garden planting at the Pinellas County Extension in Largo, the portrait that emerged was one of a dedicated volunteer. We are happy to share her story here: My involvement in the…

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