Florida Wildflower Foundation Literature Database

The Florida Wildflower Foundation Literature Database was assembled to provide a resource for researchers, growers and the general public interested in learning about Florida’s native wildflowers. The database is a collection of scientific articles of over 260 wildflowers as of 2011. The articles are primarily academic and include peer-reviewed and grey literature.

Plant for Wildlife Final Report

This project evaluated the relationship of three types of Florida suburban landscapes – native plants, Florida Friendly Landscaping, and nonnative (exotic) – to attract/benefit native wildlife, specifically mobile insect pollinators essential to Florida’s ecology and economy.

Establishing provenance, viability-testing standards and enhanced germination for seed production of wiregrass in Florida

Final report for R-003-07 Objective #1 Create a standard viability test of wiregrass – An accurate method to determine viability is an essential prerequisite to germination testing since germination tests need to be corrected for the percentage of viable seeds. Objective #2 Identify Optimal Regimes to Promote Germination of Wiregrass – Initial viability tests of…

Assessing Potential Loss of Coreopsis leavenworthii Genetic Diversity under Commercial Seed Production and Gene Flow from Coreopsis tinctoria.

The objectives of this project are to assess (1) the potential loss of genetic diversity (or genetic shift) during seed production of C. leavenworthii, and (2) potential gene flow from C.tinctoria to C. leavenworthii, two important issues in production and use of C. leavenworthii seeds. We have made excellent progress toward these objectives and have…

Literature Compilation: Problematic Plant Species for Wildflower Establishment

Seed sowing is often the most economical means of establishing wildflower plantings in landscape and natural settings. However, competition from noxious weeds or aggressive native species that co-exist on a site can present major limitations to wildflower seedling establishment in restoration and landscaping settings. Wildflower planting failure is sometimes expressed as decreased aesthetic value in…