Guide for Choosing Native Wildflowers and Plants

Guide to over 70 wildflowers, shrubs, vines and grasses that are native to Florida and work well in home landscapes. Helps in selection of plants that are suitable for geographic location, soil and light conditions. Also helps in choosing plants based on color, season of bloom, and type of pollinators attracted. Download here.

Community Butterflyscaping: How to Move beyond Butterfly Gardening to Create a Large-Scale Butterfly Habitat

Butterfly gardening and watching continue to grow in popularity as more people plant butterfly-attracting plants in their yards. Community ButterflyScaping is a broader concept that embraces Florida-Friendly Landscaping(TM) practices within communities and seeks to connect people with their landscaped and natural surroundings. Suggested citation: Malone, K. C., Wilber, W. Hansen, G., Daniels, J. C., Larsen, C.,…