The Florida Wildflower Foundation
Website Privacy Policy

January 10, 2011

Our web site is designed as a tool for those interested in the native wildflowers of Florida, and those who wish to become more involved in its mission. The Florida Wildflower Foundation is concerned about your Internet privacy and is committed to honoring your privacy preferences. We recognize that visitors to our site may be concerned about the information they provide to us and how the Florida Wildflower Foundation treats that information.

Our privacy policy covers websites owned or operated by the Florida Wildflower Foundaton. Please review this privacy policy and those of any Web site you visit. Please note that by visiting the Website, you are accepting the policies described in the Privacy Policy as appears below.

Consumer Choice

It is our policy that the visitor can always choose:

  • Whether—and under what conditions—to provide “personally identifiable information” (e.g. data that may be used to identify, contact, or locate a person).
  • Whether this information may be shared with anyone.
  • Whether the Florida Wildflower Foundation may contact you by email.

Informed Consent

If the Florida Wildflower Foundation seeks to collect personally identifiable information, you will be alerted and given an opportunity to restrict our use of the information. Every visitor has the right to:

  • Know when the Florida Wildflower Foundation is collecting personal information.
  • Know what personal information is collected, and the purpose of collection.
  • Expect the opportunity to choose whether or not personal information will be provided to third parties.
  • Expect reasonable steps to be taken to protect personal information from unauthorized use.
  • Expect the opportunity to choose whether or not the Florida Wildflower Foundation may use the information to contact you.

Personal Information Collected

You can visit most portions of without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information. The only information we collect from a typical web site visit does not identify you. Rather, it is the name of your Internet service provider (“ISP”), the browser and type of machine you are using, the web site that referred you to us, the pages you request and the date and time you request them (see Cookies, below). We use this information to generate statistics and measure site activity to improve the usefulness of the site to our visitors. The Florida Wildflower Foundation does not sell or otherwise disclose such user information outside the organization.

In general, when you visit our Web sites and access information you remain anonymous. We do not require you to register or provide personal information to us to view our site.

There are occasions, however, when we will ask for additional information. Depending on the information and/or services you request, you may be asked to provide your name, email address, address, phone number, payment details, and similar information. The Florida Wildflower Foundation collects this type of personally identifiable data only when such data is voluntarily submitted. For example, personally identifiable information will be collected in order for you to become a member of the Florida Wildflower Foundation or to subscribe to our newsletter. Information may be requested when you submit images or information to be considered for appearance in our What’s In Bloom galleries. All such information is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the data. The Florida Wildflower Foundation makes every effort to ensure the secure collection and transmission of sensitive user information using industry accepted data collection and encryption methodologies.

Finally, you may decide to send Florida Wildflower Foundation personally identifying information, for example, in a message containing information about membership, requests for information, or suggestions for the content of our website. We will only use this information to identify you and to determine how to respond to the electronic mail. We will not use this information for any purpose other than to resolve the matter identified in the email.


A cookie is a small text file sent to your computer’s hard drive by a website’s server application. Each time you return to the site that “set” the cookie, the server retrieves its cookie from your computer and thereby knows you are a previous visitor who has returned. Cookies may contain information about your ISP, operating system, browser type, screen resolution and number of colors, your computer’s processor type, your ISP’s server, your Internet protocol address, and what server you were last on. This data is not usually personally identifiable, and is used to more efficiently operate the Foundation’s business, prepare for network load demands, promote our organization and administer the Website. The Florida Wildflower Foundation may use cookies written by our site, but not to obtain information on other Web sites that you may visit. Depending on the type of browser you use, you can probably set it to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to accept or reject it.

The Florida Wildflower Foundation’s Use of Information

Contact information from membership forms is used to send information about the Florida Wildflower Foundation to you. Personally identifiable information may sometimes be made available to other non-profit organizations and occasionally to for-profit entitities that offer products, information or services that are consistent with our m

ssion and that we believe may interest you—unless you request otherwise. The Foundation may also share your information with third parties to complete your request that we do so, e.g., to access a project, product, or service. Finally, we must share information with the authorities in response to a legal order or official request, or when we believe you have acted in violation of our Terms of Use.

How to Opt-out or Unsubscribe from a Mailing list or our Email List

Whether or not you choose to share your information will have no impact on your interaction with us. You can opt-out by contacting us via email at We will not provide any of your personal information to other organizations if you elect to keep your record private in all but legal proceedings.

If at any time you wish to stop receiving electronic information from the Florida Wildflower Foundation, or to be removed from our email list, you can unsubscribe from that list as explained in each message.

Security of Your Credit Card Information

We have made every effort to ensure the secure collection and transmission of sensitive user information using industry accepted data collection and encryption methodologies. If you are still concerned about the safety of your credit card information online, you may also submit contributions or other payment to Florida Wildflower Foundation by mailing a check as directed by instructions on the appropriate pages of our website.

Children 13 and Under

In any section of the site that requests personal information, visitors 13 years of age and under are reminded to obtain permission from an adult before supplying the requested information. In addition, The Foundation does not actively advertise products in any section of the site intended specifically for children (such as “Kids’ Corner”).


The Florida Wildflower Foundation welcomes comments and questions on this policy. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information, and will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure. If you have any questions, please contact us at Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, we may occasionally update this policy. All revisions will be posted to this site. The revised Privacy Policy will apply to all data collected by the Florida Wildflower Foundation, both prior to and subsequent to the revised policy’s effective date.