Start with 20 Easy Wildflowers

Learn to grow and maintain 10 foolproof Florida wildflowers, including Blanketflower, Black-eyed Susan, Blazing star, Beebalm and Sunflowers. Follow that up with 10 additional Florida wildflowers for attracting butterflies and bees. Download 10 Easy Wildflowers (24-page PDF) and 10 Easy Wildflowers for Butterflies and Bees (24-pg PDF) or view them as inserts in the Guide for Real Florida Gardeners.

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“The results of landscaping with native wildflowers are amazing. So many beautiful plants, lots of butterflies, caterpillars and other critters!”
— Joanne Mason, Plant City

Starting a Florida wildflower garden?
Plan for success

  • Choose plants correct for your site’s conditions and climate zone.
  • For sunny gardens, choose a site that gets four or more hours of sun.
  • For shade gardens, select a site with light daily or afternoon shade.
  • Select plants that bloom in different seasons.
  • Use native grasses or groundcovers to fill space and add interest.
  • Remove weeds and debris seasonally.
  • Let seeds dry and set naturally to produce new plants.

Learn to grow Florida’s native wildflowers

Watch this video and you’ll know how the Sunshine State got its name, when to plant wildflowers from seed, and how to prepare a site for planting.

Native Florida Wildflowers (Part 1)

All about Florida wildflowers and how to establish a bed (Part 1).

Native Florida Wildflowers (Part 2)

All about Florida wildflowers and how to establish a bed (Part 2).

Protecting Florida Wildflowers

Wildflowers in Florida’s natural areas.

Landscaping with Wildflowers

Great native plants for your landscape.

Get the facts on growing native wildflowers

Adding wildflowers to your landscape is easy – just select the right plant for the right place. On this page, you’ll find information that will help you be a blooming success.

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flowering plant species in Florida

Resources for sustainable landscaping for homeowners

Sustainable landscaping for Landscape Architects and Maintenance Professionals


Go to the source for native plant material.

Finding the right plant for the right place

Wildflowers, Naturally!

The Wildflowers, Naturally! program recognizes gardens throughout the state that have areas dedicated to native wildflowers, flowering shrubs and trees. Celebrate real Florida by applying for recognition today (free for FWF members).


Your landscape should:

  • Contain seasonal-blooming native species from trusted sources.
  • Provide food, water and shelter for wildlife.
  • Have no more than 25 percent of non-native plants.
  • Have no invasive exotic species.
  • Contain region-appropriate species.
  • Be identifiable and distinct as a wildflower landscape.
  • Cover at least 100 square feet.
Wildflowers, Naturally! garden sign
You'll receive a beautiful certificate when your landscape qualifies for recognition. You also may choose a colorful aluminum sign or flag for your landscape to tell everyone you “work with nature” by using practices that support Florida’s wildflowers and wildlife.