White twinevine, Sarcostemma clausum

Flower Friday: White twinevine

White twinevine (Sarcostemma clausum) is an evergreen twining vine with large clusters of fragrant flowers. It is a larval host plant for Monarch, Queen and Soldier butterflies and an important nectar source for bees and wasps. Flowers typically bloom in summer and fall, but may bloom throughout the year. The plant occurs naturally in swamps, moist hammocks, coastal strands and wetland edges.

Common buckeye on Black-eyed Susan

Attracting Butterflies with Florida’s Native Wildflowers

Common buckeye on Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) by Peg Urban View brochure Attracting Butterflies with Wildflowers Florida butterflies use a variety of wildflowers, shrubs and trees as host plants. And they need an abundance of nectar for food throughout their life span. Planting Florida native wildflowers will attract butterflies and add seasonal beauty to your…

Protect Pollinators

Be in the know about pollinators More buzz about pollinators Resources for protecting pollinators 20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers This 24-page publication features 20 readily available Florida native wildflowers and how to use and care for them in landscapes. There is information on the bees and butterflies that they attract, too. Download a PDF or order an individual…


Why do research? There is still much to learn about growing and managing wildflowers, which have important roles in keeping our natural ecosystems balanced and strong. With the occurrence of wildflowers waning throughout the world, it’s urgent that we discover the best methods of successfully growing, establishing and utilizing these valuable natural assets. Where the wildflowers…

Karin and Walter Taylor walking in field of flowers

Member profile: Walter and Karin Taylor

You will find Walter and Karin Taylor at most Florida Wildflower Foundation and Florida Native Plant Society events, many times volunteering their time to speak to others or sit at information tables and promote wildflowers. They are longtime residents of Florida and experts on wildflowers, with Walter having authored numerous field guides that have become indispensable to Florida wildflower enthusiasts.

Grow Wildflowers

See how Resources Plant sources Start with 20 Easy Wildflowers With interest mounting in using wildflowers in urban landscapes, there is a huge demand for information for those new to Florida’s native plants. Enter “20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers.” The 24-page magazine features a selection of 20 “tried and true” wildflowers that are easy to grow and…