What’s in the Collection

The Foundation’s library serves as a clearinghouse for all kinds of wildflower information. Here’s a partial list of what you’ll find.

  • Learning resources – Children who get to know wildflowers can connect with the natural world … and have fun doing it! We’ve rounded up resources that educators – from teachers to parents – can use to enrich a child’s education.
  • Fun for kids of all ages – We point you to the best wildflower-themed puzzles and projects on the Web.
  • Gardening and cultivation – Whether you’re starting a wildflower meadow or adding a few species to your landscape, we’ll help boost your success with advice from pioneers who’ve developed tried and true methods.
  • Roadside and public plantings – Want to see more wildflowers in your city and on highways? Here’s where you’ll find the secrets to success.
  • Field trips and field guides – These resources will help you plan a wildflower trip then identify what you see.
  • Conservation – We’ll fill you in on what’s being done to promote and preserve wildflowers on public lands.
  • Landscape design – Whether you’re a landscape architect, professional landscaper, homeowner, or helping to design a civic planting, you’ll find resources that will help you include Florida’s native flowers in your plans.