About the Alliance

The Florida Panhandle Wildflower Alliance is an informal network of regional wildflower enthusiasts that advocates for conservation of wildflowers in the state’s Panhandle. Through communication, collaboration and information sharing, members support and inspire each other as they grow knowledge and awareness of native wildflowers and their value to Florida’s environmental and economic health.

Alliance members assist city, county and state agencies in identifying roadside wildflower areas and developing mowing schedules that allow native wildflowers to thrive. They engage the public and more formal organizations through the creation of events, workshops and tours that spotlight Eastern Panhandle wildflowers.

Members represent county commissions, tourism agencies, chambers of commerce, environmental organizations, garden clubs, national and state lands, ecotourism and agricultural businesses, state agencies, extension offices and the public at large.

The Florida Wildflower Foundation, as the Alliance’s founder, supplies a liaison to guide members in working with counties and facilitate communication with the Florida Department of Transportation. To contact PWA/FDOT Liaison Liz Sparks via email, click here.

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Anyone in FDOT District 3 can join the Alliance  ̶  it’s free! Complete our online form or download a membership form to mail, and join the Alliance list-serv to stay on top of issues, events and more.

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Your guide to Panhandle wildflowers

Now you can easily find the Panhandle’s best wildflower sites with this brochure available at Florida Welcome Centers, regional visitor centers, and chambers of commerce. The pamphlet features viewing routes, a brief history of wildflowers, tips for best viewing, and beautiful photos and descriptions of 40 common regional native flowers. You can also download a PDF of the brochure.

This page is hosted by the Florida Wildflower Foundation as a courtesy to the Florida Panhandle Wildflower Alliance. Learn more about the Foundation.