Suzanne Spencer

Suzanne Spencer recognized for work in Santa Rosa County

The Florida Wildflower Foundation recognized Master Gardener Suzanne Spencer for her work in Santa Rosa County, presenting her with a certificate of appreciation at the Florida Wildflower Symposium. Her efforts have resulted in reduced mowing along 70 miles of state and county roads, which has saved $70,000 in state and county tax dollars while creating beauty and pollinator habitat that supports the success of Panhandle agriculture.

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Anne MacKay

Anne MacKay honored with 2019 Coreopsis Award

Anne MacKay received the 2019 T. Elizabeth Pate Coreopsis Award during the Florida Wildflower Symposium on April 13 in recognition of her advocacy for Florida’s wildflowers. For 20 years, Anne has steered work for Florida’s wildflowers, first serving on the Florida Wildflower Advisory Council, then on the Florida Wildflower Foundation’s board of directors, on which she served as chair.

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Paul Owens

Revive growth management now: 1,000 Friends of Florida

With Florida growing by up to 1,000 people a day, state leaders need to revive growth management “before rampant development irreparably spoils what makes our state special,” says Paul Owens, president of 1,000 Friends of Florida. Owens will outline his organization’s plan for restoring growth management at the regional and state levels during a presentation at the Florida Wildflower Symposium on Friday, April 12, in Gainesville. The two-day event will take place at the Straughn UF/IFAS Extension Professional Development Center.

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Drs. Pam and Doug Soltis

Climate change is a huge factor for Florida’s flora

Data from herbaria throughout the state and beyond, field collections, plant DNA and computer analysis have enabled the University of Florida’s Pamela and Douglas Soltis to create models projecting how plants are going to respond to climate change. They will share their research as keynote speakers at the 2019 Florida Wildflower Symposium in Gainesville.

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