USF Herbarium

USF Atlas of Florida Plants – a valuable resource

Trying to identify that wildflower you found in your yard or on a field trip? The USF Atlas of Florida Plants is a terrific source of native wildflower and plant information where you can dig into a treasure of images and specimens, and it’s just a few mouse clicks away.

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Monarch on Asclepias incarnata.

Prisoners help Monarchs while learning research, horticulture techniques

With a $21,000 grant to the University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History, the Florida Wildflower Foundation is supporting a unique research project that will train prison inmates to test and document propagation techniques for milkweed, the only host plant for Monarch butterflies. The grant is made possible by sales of the State Wildflower license plate.

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Standing cypress (Ipomopsis rubra), Softhair coneflower (Rudbeckia mollis)

PEAR Park project to test weed control methods

As anyone who has started a small wildflower meadow at home probably knows, weeds can make or break successful wildflower establishment. That’s why the Florida Wildflower Foundation has joined with Lake County on a research project at PEAR Park in Tavares that will experiment with various weed control methods.

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Coreopsis basalis along Interstate 10. Photo by Bill Randolph

Goldenmane tickseed — native or naturalized?

If not introduced by Native Americans, it’s possible the C. basalis was introduced into the Panhandle in a previous geologic era and that only small isolated pockets, which were disjunct from the parent population in Texas, were present at the time of European settlement.

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Lanceleaf tickseed (Coreopsis lanceolata) by Stacey Matrazzo

Tickseeds – Are you playing matchmaker?

A concern was recently raised about planting two species of Tickseed (Coreopsis spp.) near each other in a garden because the two might hybridize. If they were both Florida ecotypes, so what if they did? We share what research has shown us about this intriguing issue.

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