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Milkweed flowers and seed pods

Summer in the wildflower garden – some like it hot!

Although summer’s heat keeps many of us inside, it’s a busy time for wildflowers. Thousands of butterflies, bees, wasps and other insects visit flowers to obtain nectar. It’s also the changing of the guard, when lovely delicate spring bloomers such as coral bean, Coreopsis and skullcap are replaced by sturdier heat-loving species.

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Spring — a time of renewal, planting and planning

Spring in the wildflower garden — a time of renewal, planting and planning by Claudia Larsen “Like a great poet, Nature knows how to produce the greatest effects with the most limited means.” — Heinrich Hein, German poet (1797-1856) Who doesn’t love spring? It puts us in a happy place to see plants bursting forth with new green…

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Mockingbird hatchling

Spring garden jobs

Spring is a time for trimming winter debris, cleaning up bird baths and feeders, and getting your garden in order.

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Bird's nest with eggs

Winter in the Wildflower Garden

Winter is a wonderful time to evaluate your garden. It’s a time to ask yourself, how has my garden changed through the seasons and what can I do to prepare it for spring?

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Salvia coccinea

Time to plant seeds!

Fall has arrived, and for those who would like to be able to enjoy a touch of native beauty in the spring, this is the perfect time to plant.

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