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Webinar: Heartwood Preserve Conservation Cemetery – Life, Death & Wildflowers

Hear the story of Heartwood Preserve in this free webinar at 2 p.m. on October 12. Heartwood Preserve, based on the concept of conservation burial, is an environmental sanctuary where end-of-life decisions are made in harmony with nature. Executive Director Laura Starkey and Assistant Director Diana Brooks will explain conservation burial, give an overview of the land’s history and management and discuss the importance of fire ecology to the overall health of the preserve.

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Phyllis Stopford

Member profile: Phyllis Stopford

A Florida Wildflower Foundation member for more than a decade, Phyllis Stopford is devoted to learning about native plants. The more she learns about the beneficial quality of native plants, the more her perspective grows. “I now see landscapes through a different lens and have redefined my idea of beauty. ”


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Native plant landscape

Webinar: Why Not Lawns? (Well, I’ll tell you…)

Lawns contribute substantially to climate change, air and water pollution, the extinction crisis and many other serious environmental problems. In this webinar, Dr. Emily Roberson, director of the Native Plant Society of the United States, will present data on the surprisingly large scale of lawn-related environmental damage, as well as costs and labor.

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Lake County, FWF partner to create pollinator habitat

Bees and butterflies, including Monarchs, have 3 acres of new native habitat, thanks to Lake County Parks and Trails and the Florida Wildflower Foundation, which have partnered to develop pollinator habitat along the multiuse Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail north of Orlando.

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Blanketflower bloom

Blanketflower – native or not?

Recent research found that Gaillardia pulchella is not a native Florida species, but rather an introduced species. The news sparked many different reactions across the state. Experts weigh in on what this means for Florida gardeners.

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