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Webinar: Heartwood Preserve Conservation Cemetery – Life, Death & Wildflowers

Hear the story of Heartwood Preserve in this free webinar at 2 p.m. on October 12. Heartwood Preserve, based on the concept of conservation burial, is an environmental sanctuary where end-of-life decisions are made in harmony with nature. Executive Director Laura Starkey and Assistant Director Diana Brooks will explain conservation burial, give an overview of the land’s history and management and discuss the importance of fire ecology to the overall health of the preserve.

Nancy Bissett

Webinar: 20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers

In this webinar, Nancy Bissett will present easy-to-grow native wildflowers that attract a variety of butterflies and other pollinators essential to Florida’s natural health. Nancy will cover detailed descriptions of each plant, including its flowering, seeding and growing conditions, such as light, moisture and soil needs.

Steven Miller

Member profile: Steven Miller

Get to know new Florida Wildflower Foundation member Steven Miller. Steven, founder of a wedding photography company based in Central Florida, incorporates native plants into his business! When he is not taking pictures of people professionally, he is usually snapping pictures of the natural world or filling up his yard with wildflowers.

Eumaeus atala by Mary Keim

Know your native pollinators: Atala

Florida once teemed with Atala butterflies but overharvesting of the Atala’s host plant Coontie caused a drastic decline in butterfly populations. During the mid-20th century Atalas were thought to be extinct. Now populations are rebounding thanks to the high demand for Coontie in native landscaping. Atalas are lovely hairstreak butterflies with velvety black wings that shine with an iridescent aquamarine. The underside of their wings displays three rows of small aquamarine dots and a larger reddish orange spot on the hindwing.