Help feed the bees that feed us

The State Wildflower license plate provides funds for pollinator pathways along Florida’s roadsides. Get your tag today.

Old state wildflower license plate State Wildflower license plate
Dena Wild, Kim Coker, Terry Zinn, Lisa Roberts, Dixie Tate, Anne Mackay, Walter Taylor and Karin Taylor

Our Board and Staff

Meet the ambassadors who work across the state for wildflowers and wildlife.

Coreopsis leavenworthii FWF board and staff members on porch

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Support work for wildflowers and enjoy membership benefits, too. Become a member today.

Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata). Photo by MaryKeim

“I love that there is this organization in Florida doing the important work of educating the public about our native wildflowers!”

— Tayrn Evans, Florida Wildflower Foundation member

Seaside Goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens). Photo by Mary Keim

Our partners and sponsors

We’re grateful for the support of our many partners and sponsors throughout Florida!

Duke Energy
Florida Association of Native Nurseries
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida DOT
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
Florida Master Gardeners
Florida Museum of Natural History
Florida Power & Light
Florida Wildflower Seed and Plant Growers Association
Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
University of Florida-IFAS