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Wildflowers of Florida

Watch this video and you'll know how the Sunshine State got its name, who named it and what that name means ... plus other interesting facts about Florida wildflowers.

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Growing Florida Wildflowers Part 2

Growing Florida Wildflowers — Part 2

Growing Florida Wildflowers Video Part 1

Growing Florida Wildflowers — Part 1

Landscaping with Florida Wildflowers

Landscaping with Florida's Wildflowers

Protecting Florida's Wildflowers

Protecting Florida Wildflowers

Your source for native wildflowers

Florida's Wildflower Growers Co-op, a project of the Florida Wildflower and Plant Growers Association, has many varieties of Florida native seeds by the seed packet and in bulk. Visit

Visit the Florida Wildflower Growers Coop

Other seed sources

Florida Association of Native Nurseries

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Wildflowers or weed?

Wondering if your sprout is a weed or a wildflower? Download a report (PDF) by Dr. Jeff Norcini showing close-up photos of common species as seedlings.

Finding the right plant
for the right place

Right plants go together

Planting for the future

The Foundation is dedicated to discovering and sharing best practices for establishing native Florida wildflowers across our landscapes. On this page we share what we've learned through funded projects, as well as point the way to excellent resources that can make your efforts bloom in any setting.

Woodville Elementary Learning Landscape

Woodville Elementary Learning Landscape Project

Woodville Elementary School in Tallahassee received a Florida Wildflower Foundation grant in 2007 to build a learning landscape that would get students outside to discover native Florida wildflowers and plants while building math, science and language skills. See the movie!

Starting a Florida wildflower garden?
Plan for success

  • For sunny gardens, choose a site that gets four or more hours of sun.
  • For shady gardens, select a site with light daily or afternoon shade.
  • Use an herbicide to discourage unwanted grass and weeds.
  • Choose plants correct for your site’s conditions and climate zone.
  • Consult a native nursery to choose plants that bloom in different seasons.
  • Use native grasses or groundcovers to fill space and add interest.
  • Perform seasonal upkeep to remove weeds and debris.
  • Let seeds dry and set naturally to produce the next bloom.

At home
with horticulture

Your guide to growing wildflowers

Real Gardener's Guide In 2010, the Florida Wildflower
Foundation sponsored a six-page article
on growing wildflowers in the Association of Florida Native Nurseries annual retail catalog. This article covers all the benefits and strategies for creating a wildflower garden in your home landscape. The beautiful photography depicts the visual rewards of gardening with Florida native wildflowers. Download this article, and share it with other enthusiasts!

Resources for sustainable landscaping for homeowners

More wildflowers by design

Sustainable landscaping for Landscape Architects and Maintenance Professionals

The Foundation actively seeks information on best practices in landscaping with Florida's native plants. These resources are provided by a range of public and private agencies to assist you in planning for and maintaining the most efficient and appealing landscapes. Check back often; the Foundation soon will be working on a technical manual just for your industry and will spotlight upcoming training opportunities throughout the state.

Great wildflowers for dry landscapes

Dry LandscapeIt's imperative that we save Florida's precious water resources. Did you know there are dozens of Florida native wildflowers that, once established, thrive in dry landscapes? Download our handout.
More informative handouts:
Click here for classroom resources

Resolve to protect wildflowers

 Salidago sp

Throughout Florida, counties are resolving to take measures to protect and increase wildflowers. The resolution they adopted acknowledges native wildflowers’ environmental, historical and cultural significance while promoting their conservation through management practices – including reduced mowing that can save money. Learn how your county can resolve to protect wildflowers.


Seeds for Schools

Wildflower Sign from Planting Project

The Seeds for Schools grant program provides native wildflower seeds and learning resources to Florida elementary, middle and high schools.  The gardens are exposing schoolchildren in Florida’s native flora and fauna while helping them to achieve state education standards. Learn more


Planting grants

The Foundation brings the beauty of wildflowers to communities throughout the state through planting projects. Past projects added wildflowers to museum gardens, state parks, local preserves and roadways. Funds also supported landscape evaluation, demonstration gardens and important research on wildflower propagation and production techniques.
See highlights of a past project. To learn more about planting grants, click here.


The Florida Wildflower Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
Your dollars support planting, research and grant programs that fill our world with wildflowers.